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How to configure Reply mail Management

What is RMM??

Reply Mail Management (RMM) manages replies to the email jobs you send through Marketing Cloud. RMM processes the reply automatically, if appropriate, and forwards the message if the message requires personal review.

When a subscriber manually replies to the address or when the subscriber’s account automatically replies, the email message goes to the Reply-To address you created

RMM also handles these functions:

  • Forward an email to different users depending on various circumstances.
  • Conditionally auto-reply and control the content of that auto-reply message


Reply Mail Management process
Source: Salesforce Documentation

Reply Address Definition

  • Email Display Name – Enter the From name to display in an email client. Use a full name value and not an email address.
  • Reply Subdomain – Enter the subdomain of your URL, such as domain from SAP Package)

Specify the reply subdomain to which the reply email is directed. Configure this reply subdomain on your own domain to use it with Marketing Cloud and Email Studio.

For example, if you send your emails from, the reply subdomain is

  • Email Reply Address – Enter the From email address to display in an email client.
  • DNS Record Redirect Complete – Click the checkbox after your ISP completes the necessary DNS changes requested.

Reply Filters:

  • Delete Auto-replies and Out-of-office replies – This setting determines whether RMM deletes emails identified by auto-reply or out-of-office filters. The default value is No.
  • Unsubscribe Manual Requests – This setting determines whether RMM systematically unsubscribes email addresses from email identified by the unsubscribe filter. If you select Yes, select the terms included in the unsubscribe filter in the Terms section. The default value is No.
  • Terms – This setting contains the terms used by the unsubscribe filter searches on the email body and subject. Use this section when you set Unsubscribe Manual Requests to Yes.

Automated Response email for Remaining replies:

  • If you select None, any remaining replies don’t receive an automated response email.
  • If you select Default Response Email, click the view email link next to that option. Review how your default email looks, as shown in the Automated Response Email for Remaining Replies section.
  • If you select Create Custom Response, you must define the response email. To get a starting point for your email, click the define email link next to that option.

Routing Address for Remaining replies:

  • Enter a valid email address in the Forward remaining replies to field in the Routing section.

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