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How to setup custom sender profile in Marketing cloud using salesforce data

Last updated on January 21, 2018

Scenario: Send email to contact on behalf of “contact owner”(User in salesforce)

Prerequisites: contact owner details should be available in contact object in salesforce, If data is not present create a formula fields in contact object to get user details.

Before configuring Sender profile, we need to create and map required data from salesforce to marketing cloud using profile management in Subscribers tab

Path: Email Studio > Subscribers > profile management

In our case we will create “Owner Name” and “Contact owner Email address” fields to map with salesforce fields

Set the data and values for the Owner Name

Mapping the Owner Name field of MC to Name field of contact object in salesforce



Now repeat the same steps with “Contact owner Email address” fields

Now Create Sender profile and Send classifications

Use above sender profile in send classification as shown below

Now you can use this sender profile if you want to send “on behalf of contact owner” to respective subscribers from Marketing Cloud

Note: This configuration is based on the integration between Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud. In case you are not using Sales Cloud you can configure the sender profile using Data extension attributes and configure it in sender profile as dynamic value “%%[ ]%%” from DE






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