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Journey Builder:How to avoid Merged contact in salesforce not entering the journey again

Last updated on August 19, 2019

In salesforce when two contacts are merged and one of the contact has already entered journey before, now if merge happened and losing contact registration field is carry forwarded to winning contact, Now winning contact will again enter in to the journey because it will have new contact ID.

How to avoid this scenario??

Before we start building journey we need to create a checkbox field in salesforce and use this field (Email sent) as one of the filter criteria, i..e, whenever the email is sent to that contact then “Email sent” flag will set to true

I am building journey based on the Registration date and Email sent fields (Sales cloud) as filters in contact object ( when Registration date is stamped and Email sent is equal to false then contact will enter the journey)

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 03.09.01


  1. Create a journey with salesforce data event
  • Drag the Salesforce Data Event tile onto the canvas
  • Click Configure.
  • Select Salesforce Data Event
  • Name and describe the event
  • Select a primary object as the event source – In this case I have selected contact has primary object
  • Choose to detect records that are created, updated, or both to send contacts into the journey
  • Choose who should enter the journey.
  • Note: When configuring the event, select who enters a journey, such as leads, contacts, person accounts, or users.
  • Create a filter for the primary object – Registration date Not Null and Email Sent is false
  • Add additional filtering criteria based on any reference objects, which includes any object cross-referenced from the primary object.
  • Choose journey data based on primary or reference objects. The event sends data from the selected fields to Journey Builder. Each record automatically includes the ID related to the person entering the journey, that person’s email address, and the email opt-out flag status as applicable.
  • Complete event setup and configure the remainder of the journey by adding and configuring activities.


2.  After Event criteria, Select the message activity (email) and select respective email that you want to send

3. After Message activity, select Update contact activity and choose “Email sent” field to update ( that way, whenever email is sent to that contact it will update “Email sent” flag to TRUE)

Now as per our event criteria, Contact will not be allowed in to the journey, as entry criteria for “Email sent” is set to TRUE

Note: Everytime when contacts are merged make sure to carry forward “Email sent” field as well to winning contact

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